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I rode on a motorcycle yesterday, and today my quads and back are killing me. I didn't know watching your life flash before you eyes took so much out of you physically.

In other news, I'm working a whole ton again this week (turns out I didn't work as much as I assumed I was going to last week) but I hope to be bringing in the mad dolla billz.

I have a feeling I'm going to be drinking a lot of coffee and energy drinks this week.

In my free time I need to run to the bank, mail a bill, by some Smartone's and hopefullyyyyyyyy have some leftover moola for panties, drinks for friday night and a flat iron (i want to get that 130.00 chi, chee? professional one).

There's my money allowment this week:

Need to spend: gas, oil-change, mail a bill (by july 23rd), food
Want to buy: panties, coffee/energy drinks, vodka tonics on friday night and a flat-iron
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trading spouses on cmt
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Sorry Elizabeth, Better Luck Next Time.
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